• Analysing of Existing Sites
  • Testing of Current Site Usability
  • Optimizing of SEO
  • Creating Social Media Strategy

Web Design & Development

  • Creating Site Architecture
  • Designing & Developing Websites
  • Customizing Content Management Systems
  • Consulting on Magento Sales Platform

Graphic Design & Marketing

  • Designing for digital, offset, & letterpress
  • Organizing Pre-Press for Publications
  • Creating Visual Guidelines & Branding
  • Animating for Multimedia


Whether it’s a website, a book, or a brand identity, we offer intelligent solutions to your design problems. Just because you are the expert in your field, doesn’t mean you know how to present your knowledge to the world. We don’t start a project until we understand your long and short-term goals, your needs, and the needs of your target audience. We create a system that allows you to share your expertise by using our expertise to satisfy your online and print needs. Design is problem solving, and your business is a puzzle. We won’t rest until every piece is in place.


Meghan Dove


Joseph Greaves


Our award-winning team has experience in a variety of positions in the field of web, communication and design. We will be committed to your project from start to finish. You’ll work with the same team throughout the design and development process and every member of our team will know your project inside and out.

Good design requires understanding. We don’t just want to make you a book or to design your website, we want to learn as much about your project as you know. We want to ask the questions that you’ve never thought to ask and to develop a long term working relationship. We meet our deadlines but we don’t see them as the end of a project. There is always more to do, updates to be made, and future projects to consider. Maintenance and follow through on projects are is as important to us as the initial process.

UX or User Experience is a very popular term these days, but it’s not really something you can get a certificate in. A designer who is good at UX is someone who understands design trends and best practice, who’s got a good foundation in the psychology of how people interact with products, and who can look at a project and see fifteen steps ahead of what everyone else thinks is the finish line.

We often have people ask us why they should spend the money to have a content management system customized, or why they need a developer. The truth is, while technology has advanced to the point where you can do it yourself, making a website from scratch and keeping it up to date is not the best use of your time. Inevitably you will want something more than templates can provide, or you will run into a problem that takes unique back end code to fix. Better to trust your site to the professionals from the start and enjoy the same seamless experience as your customers.

We bring the same passion to our print projects and branding as we do to our web design. While modern technology has put publishing in the hands of anyone who owns a computer, design remains a profession. We have experience in letterpress, offset printing, paper making, book binding, and digital design and print. We’ve practiced every aspect of the trade to be able to cater to your needs, be they design on a budget or design for impact. Our posters are preserved in the Quebec Archives, books we’ve designed are for sale in the Canadian Centre for Architecture and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Our logos grace the pages of trade magazines and public institutions.


Web Design and Development

Starting at $500

Posters & Promotional Material

$50 and up

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