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Richard X Zawitz Website

  • Date: December 17, 2017

  • Skills: Art Direction, UI/UX, Web Development, Graphic Design

  • Client: Genesis PR for Richard X Zawitz

  • Project link:


01. Intro

Project Summary

The biggest challenge in the redesign of Richard X Zawitz’s website was the need to organize a large portfolio spanning a 40 year career. The existing website was difficult to maintain, with repeated information, no hierarchy of information, and poor navigation in galleries and between pages. Our objective was to simplify and standardize content, carefully curating the artist’s works. Working with Genesis PR, we found a balance between the quantity of information that the artist wanted to display and the clean aesthetic that would appeal to his target demographic.

02. The Brief

A Multi-platform and multi-phase project

Richard was looking to simplify the complexity of this exiting website. There were multiple galleries, and poor navigation between projects and galleries. With gigabytes of files including photos, videos, virtual tours of his galleries, online publications, pdfs and more, we had to start by organizing his files before starting to curate his works for presentation to his target demographic of gallery curators, commercial buyers, and art collectors.

The process

Richard’s existing website had grown organically to contain a large variety of projects and documents. The objective of our redesign was to improve navigation between galleries and individual portfolio pieces, create a hierarchy of information that would make the site more navigable for users, to make the site less cluttered and minimize visual noise, and to strike a balance between simplicity and a good representation of the artist’s diverse portfolio.

We started with an inventory of the existing site, including analysis of analytics to recognize problem areas and popular content. With a site map created, we did a competitive analysis of artists who existed in the same sphere with large scale works. With the help of Geneis PR we did user research by interviewing museum curators, and art collectors to get an understanding of what they looked for in the digital portfolios of the artists they work with.

Prototyping & Design

Our initial proposal was created under the direction of Genesis PR to help illustrate to the client the improvements that could be made. The site was illustrated in wireframes with notes on proposed improvements and additions to the functionality. Several low-fidelity wireframes were presented to the client, allowing them to choose the direction they wanted for the presentation of their work.

Based on the selected wireframes, a WordPress website was created that would allow the client to manage their own site.

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