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Work Life Balance Accessible Game

  • Date: September 17, 2017

  • Skills: Unity 3D, Adobe Suite

  • Client: JamNation


01. Intro

Project Summary

The website design for Peter Lanken was phase one of a two phase project. The intention was to organize files spanning his 50 year career as an architect, digitizing files, and organizing his diverse works into a structure that could later be expanded into a book.

Starting with digitization and organization of existing files, several rounds of wireframes were created the first being basic, the second with place holder images so the client could clearly see what the site would look like.

02. The Brief

Guide to the Nørebro

A primary objective of this game was to make it as accessible as possible. To this end we included several ways to gain information and instructions within the game. Every aspect of the game has an associated sound, verbal description and written description. The controls are basic allowing anyone to play the game in several different ways, even with limited mobility. The game uses a very legible font at a large size, in addition written and spoken tutorials. The background sound is adjustable separately from the instructional dialogue and chat between characters is entirely character based. The speed of the game is completely dependent on the player with no penalty or advantage to playing faster or slower. We also included an automatic save function.

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